A Howl Against the Wind

by The My Oh Mys

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released May 19, 2013



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The My Oh Mys Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: I Never Knew
i never knew

i never knew the wind would blow you to my door
on wings I almost recognized from sometime long before
you were some kind of surprise, in some clever disguise
i wasn't sure
yeah you were something i dreamed about or wished i had in store

and I never knew what kind of bird you were
what tune beat in your heart
i never knew what kind of song you heard
until your singing started

no, gilded cage for wings so delicate and strong
no, not a language or word remains for such a broken song

it's gone so dark, lost like a child
a single spark, one note so right
come faded sun through pitch black night
a song so bright

just your voice in the dark you pulled the sky out from the stars
fall to light up the empty space we left between our hearts
Track Name: A Howl Against the Wind
A Howl Against the Wind

here we are standing on such shaky ground
another monument that time tore down
another moment that wont be repeated
a broken sound thats beyond belief

what ever happened to the promise broken
another turning point becomes a token
a shaking fist against a dying light
I'm gonna wait for you to come alive

we're lost again
a howl against the wind

another flagship that gets run aground
another word gets lost in all the sound
a tower babbling to all who listen
subtract another signal by addition

through all the static, through all the sound
is this the winter they warned us about?
our words get lost and our voices drowned out
is there a crack to let the truth get out

this isn't just a voice into the darkness
this is a lighthouse for the lonely hearted
this is a chance to begin again
a howl against the wind
Track Name: Carolina

called to your shores
through the night we're sailing
from unsettled homes
lands broken and failing
a promise arose
a lonely star in a storm
through history's thunder
you're tattered and torn

was this for love
or did we have no choice
we left homes in the dark
just to hear your haunted voice
and as your song turns to a whisper
something cold flows through our veins
we left our blood here in your dirt
did you cry for us in vain

and something in the words you wrote
makes me wonder if these dreams are broken

Oh Carolina
with all those stars in your skies
we waited for ya
will you ever arrive
with all those tears in your eyes
we waited for ya
it's just another lonely night

did I love you true
did i let you go too soon
and what will we do
if these seeds all fail to bloom
you were the promise in our hearts
you were the icon of our age
and i can't stand to watch you crumble
under such a heavy weight

and something in the words you spoke
makes me wonder if this nights not over

waves crash against your shoreline
with the wreckage of our youth
you're the reason that we dreamed up
we're the reason that it's true
cuz how long can we wait
for such a tragic end
and how much can you take
when your heart's slowly breaking?
Track Name: Stay Until the Snow
Stay Until the Snow

well you wait and you wait for a maybe to make up your mind
through the rain and the gray and in spite of the dark way you find

will the weight take its toll
will the dark ever let you go
will you stay until the snow?

oh the devil, the details, the drain and the derails add up
where's a thread left to cling to, a word left that rings true enough

one more crack, one more blow
one more bruise starts to show
will you stay until the snow

like a March in November, like sun that December forgot
like a season believing that change somehow might mend your heart
Track Name: Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come

a walk on the water and a slow-mo skid
as the sun sets down across the Burnside bridge
looking for another hand to hold you like you always did
the chalk and the ash and the footprints in the dirt
and the weight of the stars getting heavy till it hurts
how much searching can you do when your heart's on your shirt

in the back of your mind, like some little needle
a thorn in your side
a tiny little bruise to an awful lot of pride
shot down in the blink of an eye
asleep with a little bit of doubt under the bed
awake with a small suspicion hiding in your head
a walk across the water with the word hanging over our beds

are you still waiting for your kingdom to come?

can't wind the clocks back make sure less true
can't change the past or put one over on you
trying to keep up as the sun's sinking back in the blue
a walk across the water and a stone-cold look
turning fact into fiction into feeling underfoot
maybe someday you'll take a page out of a different book

one cracked crown and the house comes down
you'd tear it all to the ground
and let it burn
one white lie just like a thorn in your side
why can't you swallow your pride
will the world stop turning?
Track Name: Sing Your Name
Sing Your Name

you and I we never shared a photograph
not a fingerprint upon the glass
not a shred of evidence, no telltale sign
not a single piece of proof, no record of the truth

you don't want the weight and I'm the anchor down
you just want a song to sing your name
just another chapter that you left unread
I'm asking what ya did it for, as you're headed for the door

and you never really want the weight
you just want a song to sing your name
yeah my eyes were opened much too late
you just want a song to sing your name

pinned right to the wall, another broken wing
just another ode to long lost cause
another morbid trophy from your killing jar
I'm asking what I did it for, as you're headed for the door

maybe you tried to tell me
my hands were tied
please open your eyes, open your heart
I was sunk right from the start
Track Name: The Ladder
the ladder

a city of lights in a summer of darkness
countless little fires going out in our hearts
faded like a dream as the embers are dying
like a million grounded stars leaving holes in the sky

summer's gone out like a flickering light
but something's still burning in the wake of the fighting
every brilliant flash fades back into ashes
every young dream becomes a thing of the past

but I'm not gonna let you fade into a ghost
when you're the last thing that I've got to hold onto
lost another night in a shadow of doubt
and you're the last fire that I want to go out

another night so silent, another dream so violent
another haunted passage, a hurt no hand can bandage
another heart so hopeless, a ladder where the rope was
when darkness overtakes us
a spark that still could save us

we waited for the sun but we never came down
leave it to the lucky ones to hang around
braced against the wing and the wailing past
you're the single spark left to burn in the ashes

what makes us say mistake?
it's only some pieces breaking
it's only a scar by name
we'll leave the past in the past
but the memory won't fade
Track Name: Blood From a Stone
blood from a stone

like flesh from a bone
lament from the lonely
like blood from a stone from me now
just like castles from sand
there's nothing left standing
erased by the tide and washed out

a road never traveled
our stories unraveled
somehow al of our stars just got crossed
just like rings from your finger
or songs from a singer
what's one once the other is lost

you got carried away
it's the part you're accustomed to playing
so just say what you came to say
just don't act like you're staying
no just don't act like this

under countless demands
and heartbroken plans
our houses were torn to the ground
just like young hearts from sinking
or sorrow from drinking
like blood from a stone from me now
Track Name: The Life We Wanted
the life we wanted

we grew up on our father's gospel
now the pages have turned
the plates have all shifted
now its an unsteady earth
we were brought up to believe
now i can't tell which is worse
a leaf without a season
or a headless herd

the road, the road, the road
by another road we're haunted
the life, the life, the life
we'll never have the life we wanted

you were the lucky generation
we were your forgotten sons
overshadowed, crooked growers
the bad seeds and the broken ones
straight again, no chaser
these demons won't stay down
these hearts can't be unbroken
but these songs keep coming out loud

and the dark that rose against us
and the ground that moved below our feet
and the hearts that shrink from who we are
it makes the sound of your voice even that much sweeter

all grown up on a jaded bible
and a planet of sound
a scripture black as vinyl
and a crooked, broken crown
the only note left standing
when the static finally cleared
some records long forgotten
some keep ringing in our ears
Track Name: Gone Away on the Water
gone away on the water

down to the banks in the grey
caught in the grip of the heaviest weight
wrestling plans and promises made
lighting the water to lead you away

sometimes this earth seems so cold
it always takes everything that it's owed
every bone belongs back in the dust
even the iron succumbs to the rust

gone away on the water

every light drifts slowly away
a guide for the ones who can no longer stay
gone down a road for some lost lonely soul
there is a light for each hungry ghost

only a river, only a road
only a highway to somewhere unknown
only a light on its way to the sea
only a ghost sailing slowly from me